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Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) is a legally registered Association under the French law "Loi de 1901".  Your membership fees and your donations are tax deductible. 


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IVY PLUS EUROPEAN LEADERS The Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe
IVY  PLUS EUROPEAN  LEADERSThe Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe 

Stanford Club of European Leaders

The Stanford Club of European Leaders, pioneering Stanford European alumni platform, was the predecessor to the IPEL, and brought together and shed light on leading alumni and faculty to enhance the profile of Stanford University in Europe. SCEL conceptualized and launched high level international conferences to address big questions, future challenges and new ideas. It partnered with international organizations, foundations and institutions for significant events. SCEL innovated as the first major Stanford Alumni European forum for global issues, before evolving into the Ivy Plus European Leaders.


Highlight of SCEL Events


A World in Metamorphosis; Understanding Today's Paradigm Shifts

Dec 10, 2012    

Maison des Centraliens - Paris



Etienne Klein, Physicist, Director Research CEA

Cedric Villani, Fields Medal Winner Mathematician, Director Institut Raymond Poincaré

Gilles Boeuf, President National Museum of Natural History

Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Stanford and Polytechnique Professor Philosophy & Linguistics  



Alain Berdugo, HEC and Paris TechMines Professor

Valerie Faudon, VP Areva


Chair: Maria Adle, President Stanford Club of European Leaders





In the Age of Tech Disruption, What Future for Advertising, PR, Communication? Speaker: Stéphane Fouks, President of Havas Worldwide -  Dec 2, 2013  


The Future of Civil Society, Philanthropy and Democracy -


Guy Sorman, Economist, Author;  Francis Charhon, Head Foundation de France; Jean-Luc Allavena, President French-American Foundation; Stanford alum Felipe Santos, INSEAD Professor & Director of Social Entrepreneurship Program - Nov 20, 2013 - France-Amériques


The United States and the Middle-East: A Love-Hate Relationship?


Stanford Pr Joel Beinin, University Libre de Bruxelles Pr Firouzeh Nahavandi, American University of Paris Pr Ziad Majed, Ambassador of Irak to France HE Fareed Yasseen, Former French Ambassador to the US HE Jacques Andreani,


TIME International Correspondent Vivienne Walt

Nov 4, 2013 - France-Amériques   


 Internet and the Rule of Law – Speaker: Andrew Bridges, High Stake IP & Litigation Partner Fenwick & West Stanford - Oxford- Harvard graduate - Sept 30, 2013 -France-Amériques


 The Impact of Computers on our World


Stanford Professor of Computer Science Eric Roberts and College de France Chair of Algorithm, Machines and Languages Professor Gerard Berry

Technology and the Creation of New Markets - Speakers Stanford & Harvard Entrepreneurs Matthieu Rouif (HeyCrowd), Antoine Durieux (Jerome), Philippe Vincens, Camille Tyans - June 3, 2013  


 The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Media, Journalism and Fiction -


Alison Smale (IHT Executive Editor);

Steven Erlanger (NYT Bureau Chief);

Bruce Crumley (TIME Bureau Chief) ;

Christopher Dickinson (Newsweek Bureau Chief & The Beast);

Philippe Gélie (LE Figaro Head International Section) ;

Sarah Herz (Conde Nast Europe Digital Head) ;

Richard Zimler (Stanford Author) ;

Alfred de Montesquiou (Paris Match Grand Reporter) ;

Alice Antheaume (Science Po Professor)

Moderator :

Melisande Middleton (Co-Founder & Director Center for International Media Ethics) -

May 21, 2013  - France-Amériques


Enhancing America’s Standing in the World


Stanford alumni Goli Ameri, CEO the Center for Global Engagement, former Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs & Philippe Breeden, Minister Counsellor Public Affairs US Embassy - April 24, 2013 - France-Ameriques


The Future of Health: Emerging Treatments & Innovative Approaches  - S

peakers: Stanley Rockson, MD - Chief Consultative Cardiology - Stanford University; Michel Depeyrot, PhD Stanford - CEO Dolphin Integration; Mario Dicato, MD, PhD - Harvard, Yale, Past Director Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg;  James Goldberg, MD, PhD - Paris, Columbia, Pr Faculty of Medicine France -

March 4, 2013  


“World Economic Forum Davos: What Impact?”

Speaker: World Economic Forum Europe Director Stanford-Harvard alum Martin Bruncko - Cercle de l'Union Interalliee - Feb 4, 2013


Exceptional Event:  European Union Learning Trip “Welcome to the Capital of Europe” - Brussels 


 Program:  Visits of European Institutions,



Stanford alumni Pablo Amor, Head of the European Research Council Executive Agency and 

Harolds Celms Director at the EU Publications Office), Martins Zemitis (EP Committee on Budgets), Helena Boyden Lamb (EVP Youth Party) ,

;Cocktail Reception at US Embassy  in Brussels with  H.E. Dirk Wouters, Belgian Ambassador to the EU and H.E. US Ambassador to the EU William Kennard



Dinner-Talk with Speaker: HE  US EU Ambassador William Kennard:

US-Europe Relations in a Time of Crisis – Brussels - Dec 3, 2012


SCEL Book Forum & Evening Guided Tour of Rodin Museum – Speaker: Stanford Author Jacqueline Stewart for Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris - Dec 2012          


The True Source of Leadership - France-Ameriques - A Cross-Cultural Vision- Speakers: International Consultants Stanford alum Prof John Sadowsky & Eduardo Braun - Sep 17, 2012   


For the Future - A Princely Passion for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Deyrolles - Speaker: Prince Louis Albert de Broglie – Head Deyrolles – Founder Conservatory of Tomato - July 19, 2012   


From Shakespeare and Cervantes to Web 2.0 Speaker: Stanford Professor of Comparative Literature – Director Digital Salon “Arcade” Roland Greene - June 4, 2012    


SCEL Fundraising Meeting with Philanthropist John Wood Founder ONG “Room to Read” - May 24, 2012   


Book Forum with Award-winning Author at the American University of Paris Stanford Wallace Stegner Fellow Justin Torres, author We, the Animals- May 2, 2012     


 Mobile Technology and the Future of Education – Speaker: Stanford Associate Dean Education and Chief Technology Officer Paul Kim - Dec 14, 2011   


The Future of Banking; Reimagining Sustainable Transparent Banks - American Chamber of Commerce

Speakers:  Andre Levy-Lang Professor Finance and Economy Paris-Dauphine - Former Head Paribas; Bruce Cahan, Stanford Visiting Scholar School of Civil & Environmental Engineering - Dec 7, 2011     


Did the G20 Cannes Summit Result in a New Balance of Power?  Speaker: UBC Professor Stanford alum Yves Tiberghien - Nov 14, 2011  


Searching for the Origins of Life - Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle: Speakers:  National Museum of Natural History President Gilles Boeuf, Stanford Professor Jill Helms, CNRS and MNHN Head Research Giovanni Levi – Privatization of Museum of Natural History for private visit and reception- May 17, 2011


Mobile Tech and the The Future of Education with Stanford Faculty Paul Kim
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