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Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) is a legally registered Association under the French law "Loi de 1901".  Your membership fees and your donations are tax deductible. 


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IVY PLUS EUROPEAN LEADERS The Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe
IVY  PLUS EUROPEAN  LEADERSThe Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe 

EXCLUSIVE DINNER with French Presidential Candidate                Gaspard KOENIG                                                                                The World A Labyrinth Under Surveillance?                                    Individual Liberty  and the Rule of Law


Globalization, Standardization, Increasing Governmental Rules & Regulations,  

Big Data, Invasive Algorithms, Facial Recognition, Digital Monitoring   
Is Individual Freedom in Danger?

Are there Solutions? 

Ivy Plus European Leaders
in partnership with HEC International and Alumni Alliance

is delighted to invite you to an exclusive


with renowned philosopher, author,
 founder of think tank Generation Libre
founder political movement Simple


French Presidential Candidate

Gaspard KOENIG


The World A Labyrinth Under Surveillance?

Global Threats to Individual Liberty

&  The Rule of Law 


Wednesday 19 January – 7:00 pm
Maison des Polytechnicienc


In these times of upheaval and change, how do people across the world challenge,
preserve, uphold or save their Individual Liberty? 
Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to generate productivity gains, improve well-being and help solve complex challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and health crises. Yet, AI raises many important questions related to human values, our individual freedom and the bases of democracy.  Should we accept a world where humans abdicate their autonomy and sense of responsibility.  Can there be rights without democracy?  How are our thinking processes being altered?  How should we educate our children?  Are there solutions?
In the past ten years, Philosopher and Author Gaspard Koenig has travelled across the world several times to meet leading actors of civilization changes, 
, inventors, innovators, hackers, geeks, startup founders, AI gurus, dissidents, political figures at opposite ends of the spectrum, and the everyday individual, reflecting on the challenges of our modern world, its virtues and its threats.  His journeys have taken him from the Silicon Valley to China, from India to Africa, from Peru to Finland, from Canada to Israel, throughout Europe.  Last year, in his quest for liberty and a more natural life, he traveled on horseback, across France, Germany and Italy. 

Taken aback by countries where ‘Black Mirror’ is already a reality, by a world increasingly dominated by rules and regulations, where humans seem  caught in an infernal labyrinth, Gaspard Koenig argues the need to regain control of our destiny and individual freedom.


Gaspard Koenig
A graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure and Columbia University, philosopher Gaspard Koenig taught at University of Lille and worked for Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy of the French Government, before joining the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Gaspard Koenig teaches philosophy at Sciences Po University (IEP) and writes a regular column in Les Echos and Le Point. In 2013,  he founded the liberal think-tank Generation Libre to promote liberalism.  In 2017, it was ranked among the top European think tanks.  He has recently founded the political movement Simple. 

He is the author of numerous novels and essays, among which  La Fin de l'Individu - Voyage d'un philosophe au pays de l'intelligence artificielle (The End of the Individual – Journey of a Philosopher to the Land of Artificial Intelligence)Un Philosophe aux Pays des Libertés (A Philosopher in the Lands of Liberties)The Revolutionary, the Expert and the Geek, Adventurers of Freedom

He is a Young Leader of the French-American Foundation. 

In 2021, Gaspard Koenig published  the dystopian novel L'Enfer (Hell),  a mirror held up to mass surveillance, uniformness, materialism, globalization, planned obsolescence, interchangeable humans, places and things,  Notre Vagabonde Liberté, A cheval sur les traces de Montaigne (Our Roaming Freedom - On horseback on the tracks of Montaigne), a journal of his "slow" trip across Europe on horseback in the quest for liberty, and an essay Simplifions-nous la Vie (Let's Simplify our Lives).   
Garpard Koenig is candidate to the Presidency of France is the elections of 2022


Join us for a very special evening
with brilliant speaker Gaspard Koenig
at a seated Dinner-Talk 
at beautiful Maison des Polytechniciens



Venue : Maison des Polytechniciens, Hôtel de Poulpry, 12 rue de Poitiers, 75007 Paris

Date & Time: Wednesday 19 January 2022– 7:00 p.m.

Price Dinner-Talk:

(Champagne Apéritif - 3 course seated dinner with wine - Talk by Gaspard Koenig 

Members Ivy Plus European Leaders, HEC, Alliance Alumni 69€, Non-Members and Guests: 79€

Zoom: 10€


Sanitary Passes will be required at the door by the Maison des Polytechniciens.

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