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Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) is a legally registered Association under the French law "Loi de 1901".  Your membership fees and your donations are tax deductible. 


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IVY PLUS EUROPEAN LEADERS The Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe
IVY  PLUS EUROPEAN  LEADERSThe Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe 


EXCEPTIONAL Ivy Plus European Leaders FORUM



Thursday March 30, 2017 – 7:30  pm



Ivy Plus European Leaders

 renews with its Cutting Edge Forums 
with an Exceptional Event on

Bio-Inspired Innovation 
in Technology, Architecture, Science, Energy, Transportation, Biology, Health, Medecine, Robotics, AI, 
with sought-after TED conference Speakers.


In partnership with the Berkeley Club of FranceHEC International, IPEL is delighted to convey you to this forward thinking forum on biomimicry.  This event will enchant, stimulate and inspire, across disciplines. 


Top Researcher, Entrepreneur and Author affiliated to Stanford and Polytechnique 

Idriss Aberkane

World Famous Visionary Architect

Jacques Rougerie ,

 Head of renowned Oceanographic Institute Paul Ricard Patricia Ricard

and VP of successful start-up Chronocam

Geoffrey Burns,

will present extraordinary bio-inspired realizations. They will discuss how visionaries, corporations, startups, SMI, foundations, institutions and leading schools emulate nature’s time-tested designs and stategies to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenging problems. 

The Talks will be followed by a Cocktail Dinatoire with Champagne in the beautiful salons of Swiss Life Banque Privée overlooking the Place Vendôme




Idriss Aberkane 

Idriss Aberkane is a much talked about International Consultant, Researcher, Speaker and Professor in Biomimicry, Neuroscience, Technology, the Knowledge Economy and the Blue Economy.  He is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, ULM, EHESS, Université de Strasbourg and Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques de Paris. He has doctoral degrees in neuroscience, in comparative literature, and in diplomacy and politics.  He is an affiliate Scholar at Stanford University Kozmetsky Global Collaboratory. Dr. Aberkane has founded and leads several companies (Scanderia, SASU Aberkane, Eirin International), authored a book Libérez votre Cerveau and many articles. He is also an editorial writer at the magazine Le Point.


Jacques Rougerie


Jacques Rougerie is a visionary architect, who draws his inspiration from the sea. He has built underwater habitats, labs, marine research centers and other sub-quatic vessels (Galathée, Hippocampe, Seaspace, Sea Orbiter), He designed the City of Meriens, a floating city, in the form of a manta ray. He is the architect of the Sea Pavillon in Kobe, Japan, Nausicaa National Sea Center in Boulogne sur Mer, Oceanopolis in Brest, the future Museum of Underwater Archeology of Alexandria, the Eco-Museum in Moorea, and many other centers around the world. In addition to his architectural realizations, Jacques Rougerie created The Jacques Rougerie Foundation, which encourages scientific and tech innovation and the Jacques Rougerie competition.  He studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Institut Océanographique de Paris, Université d’Urbanisme de Vincennes and l’Ecole des Arts et Métiers.


Patricia Ricard

Patricia Ricard is the President of the Oceanographic Institute Paul Ricard.  The Institute founded by her grand-father is considered « a true model ocean ».  Its work offers solutions founded on nature to meet global challenges.  Patricia Ricard has been working for more than 20 years in the preservation of the environment.  She had developped films and documentaries on science and nature, created festivals and TV programs dedicated to the green economy.  She has been on the Board of leading organizations and institutions, such as the European Institute of Ecology, WWF France, is a consultant for the Ministry of Ecology, the Conseil Economique Social et Environmental, UNESCO, and a key member of the Ocean and Climate Platform.


Geoffrey Burns

Geoffrey Burns is the Vice-President of Chronocam, a paradigm shifting start-up that develops bio-inspired vision sensors which replicate the human eye. Before joining Chronocam, Geoffrey Burns was Principal Engineer at Intel, VP at Silicon Hive.  He has a doctoral degree and a Masters from MIT and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.



Maria Adle

Founder & President Ivy Plus European Leaders



Join Us and Be Inspired !


Venue :  Swiss Life Banque Privée, 7 Place Vendôme, Paris 1er

Date & Time :  Thursday, March 30, 2017 – 7:30 pm to  11:00 pm

Participation Price :

Ivy Plus European Leaders, Berkeley, HEC, IMD: 35 euros (before March 26)
Non-Members & Guests : 45 euros  (before March 26)
Students : 15 euros

Registration :


Beyond the fact that the entertainment industry is one of the most profitable industries, it is a world thriving with creativity, inventivity, technical feats, human and artificial intelligence. Our speakers will bring you entertaining, expert, entrepreneurial and thought-provoking perspectives.  Join Us!

Ivy Plus European Leaders
 in partnership with MIT Club of France, Berkeley Club of France, IMD Alumni, Alumni Alliance
and HEC Club Media & Entertainment
is delighted to invite you to its
 cutting-edge forum 

The Future of Entertainment and Media 
 TV Series & Video Games

Monday December 4, 2017 – 7:00 p.m.

With high profile experts
Serge Tisseron, Founder Institute for the Study of Human-Robot Relations, Psychiatrist, Director Research  @Paris 7; Isabelle Veyrat-Masson, Head CNRS Communication and Politics Lab @Dauphine/PSL ;   Robert Piret,Professor of Media Economics & Entrepreneurship Film & TV Industry ESCP;  Olivier MaucoGame designer & consultant, Founder start-up, Specialist Video Game Industry, Sciences Po; Sylvain SaadaScriptwriter and creator of French series 
How will the Business of Entertainment evolve? Digital Technology has transformed contents,
expectations, habits, platforms... What are the impacts of AI on this industry? Why the phenomenal success
of drama series and video games? 
Realistic or futuristic, TV series and video games are mirrors of our time.  They often find their inspiration
in history, socio-political issues, neurosciences or human psychology, but are prescient and forward looking. 
What do they say about us?  What can they teach us?

Serge Tisseron
Serge Tisseron is a renowned psychoanalyst and psychiatrist.  He is Director of Research at University Paris 7 and a member of the Academy of Technologies. Founder of the
 Institute of the
 Study of Human-Robot Relations, he is the author of more than 170 articles and 14 books on cinema, television, robots, video games, psychology, sociology… translated in 11 languages.  Dr Tisseron isalso a producer at France-Culture. He will be signing his works:  Qui a peur des jeux video? (Albin Michel) Le Jour où mon Robot m’aimera (Albin Michel)

Robert Piret
Robert Piret is Professor of Media Economics, Entrepreneurship, International Management at ESCP.  He has served as Managing Director at Newbury, Piret & Company, an investment bank specialized in tech industries, where he helped launch numerous start-ups. Active in theentertainment world for more than 20 years, he has directed and produced for television, theatre and the movie industry.  Dr Piret holds a BA from Brown University, an MBA from MIT and a PhD from UCLA.

Isabelle Veyrat-Masson 
Isabelle Veyrat Masson is Director of Research at the CNRS.  She headsthe CNRS Communication and Politics Laboratory at Dauphine/PSL and teaches Communication and Information Sciences at Science-Po and at Paris IV University.  A well-known historian and media specialist, Dr Veyrat-Masson is the
 author of numerous works on media, television, politics, history, the history of Internet… She is often solicited to speak on subjects ranging from the elections to how history is portrayed on TV.

Olivier Mauco  
Olivier Mauco holds a doctorate in game studies and political science.  He is a consultant and game designer for communication and education. He teaches game studies and design at ICAN and ESGI, and lectures on ‘TheVideo Game Industry – Cultures, Actors, Transformations’ at Sciences Po.  Dr Mauco is the co-founder of the start-up The Good Drive, and theauthor of the books Jeux Video, Hors de Contrôle ?   Gta IV l’envers du rêve américain ; Jeux vidéo et critique sociale.

Sylvain Saada
Sylvain Saada has been in the movie and television industry for 30 years.  He has authored and created16 TV drama series for television.  He is thescriptwriter of the award-winning French Series ‘Les Hommes de l’Ombre’.
Introductory Remarks
Laurence Malençon, Director of Innovation Hopscotch, Creator Media Les Tendances de l’Entertainment

Maria Adle, Founder and President Ivy Plus European Leaders

The talks will be moderated by Artus de Longuemar, Founder Fulfil, Board Harvard Club and IPEL  

A Cocktail Reception with Champagne will follow the panel and Q & A
We thank EBS-Paris (European Business School)
to welcome us on their campus!

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Nota Bene: Presentations will be in French and English
Venue: EBS-Campus Eiffel – 
10 rue Sextius Michel, Paris 15  (Metro Bir Hakeim or Duplex)
Date & Time: Monday December 4, 2017 – 7:30 pm (Welcome at 7:00 pm)
Price: Members IPEL and Partner Alumni Clubs :  29€  - Young alumni (under 27) 20€ - Guests: 35€ (prices till Nov 30) - Students 10€

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Exceptional lvy Plus European Leaders

iClimate Change & COP21 Forum with Top STANFORD Faculty, OECD, US & French Experts l Change the World to Save the Planet l December 9, 2015 - 7:30 pm l France-Amériques

Ivy Plus European Leaders

in partnership with Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance,Stanford Professionals in Energy

Berkeley Club of France, HEC Pole Globalisation and France-Amériques


is delighted to invite you to a 

Cutting Edge Forum on Climate Change and COP21




Sought after Stanford University faculty, OECD, US and French Climate, Energy, Economy & Policy Experts


Change the World to Save the World 


Wednesday December 9, 2015 – 7:30 pm




-  Dan Reicher, Executive Director Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford Faculty SGSB & Stanford Law School, former Director Climate Change at Google and Assistant Secretary for Energy under three US presidents, Graduate Darmouth, Stanford, Dr Reicher also studied at MIT & Harvard

-  Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford Faculty School of Earth Sciences and Senior Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Graduate UC Santa Cruz and Stanford

-  Jan Corfee- Morlot, Head of the Climate, Environment and Development Unit at the OECD, member of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. MIT & Berkeley graduate

-  Geoffrey Rothwell, Principal Economist Nuclear Energy Agency OECD, former Stanford faculty Dept of Economics, Graduate Berkeley & California Institute of Technology

-  Jean-Marc Jancovici, Main developer of the “Bilan Carbon” assessment tool for the ADME and the French Inter-ministerial Greenhouse Gas Mission, founder The Shift Project, author of many publications and professor at Mines-ParisTech, Polytechnique (X) & ENTC graduate


Expert Inputs from 

Stanford University Professor Charles  Kolster  

internationally known environmental economist with a focus on industrial organization and public economics, Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Senior Fellow Precourt Institute for Energy, former Co-Director, University of California Center for Energy & Environmental Economics, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara


Ø  Speakers will discuss why we need to act NOW on global warming, the risks if we continue on the current path and if temperatures continue to rise, the consequences on water, earth, populations, security, migrations, and the future of developing and developed countries.

> They will exchange views on solutions to move away from current trajectories and re-define global models; speak of policies and laws, energy, economy, sustainable development, inclusive growth;  delve into geo-political implications; 

> They give examples of how innovative research centers, Stanford, Berkeley and international tech labs, are working to tackle climate change and will share their expectations for the historical international conference COP21



Special Testimony 

On the impact of global warming in Tibet 

aka the roof of the world 


Minister of Information and International Affairs of Tibet

 Dicki Chhoyang 



On innovation and sustainable development

Groundbreaking marine Biotechnologist 

Franck ZAL 

 CEO Hemarina 


>  Inputs from CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) Senior Research Scientist, ENS-Sorbonne-NYU graduate Yorick Gitton




Maria Adle 
Founding President Ivy Plus European Leaders




The event includes  a Q & A session

and a Cocktail Reception with Champagne




Maria Adle, President Ivy Plus European

Rebecca Buechel, Executive Officer Ivy Plus European Leaders

Nicolas Tollet, President, Lindsay King, Executive Officer, Berkeley Club of France

Pierre-Yves Carpentier, Co-President HEC Pole Globalisation &  President International Development


Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 –  7:30 pm

Venue: France-Amériques, 9 avenue Franklin-Roosevelt, Paris 75008


Contact :


Ivy Plus European Leaders is a think tank of alumni from leading US and European Universities. Its goal is to create a wide synergy of intelligences and energies across borders to address paradigm changes and international challenges shaping society and the world.   It aims to foster cutting edge thinking on global issues and put the limelight on impactors of the future. 

Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) has grown from Stanford Club of European Leaders(SCEL), founded in 2010. In January 2014, IPEL expanded to encompass prestigious American universities and European top schools and universities.


To renew your membership or become a member of Ivy Plus European Leaders, please go to:
Thank you for your support. 
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