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Ivy Plus European Leaders (IPEL) is a legally registered Association under the French law "Loi de 1901".  Your membership fees and your donations are tax deductible. 


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IVY PLUS EUROPEAN LEADERS The Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe
IVY  PLUS EUROPEAN  LEADERSThe Forum of Leading Alumni in Europe 


Maria Adle
President Ivy Plus European Leaders
is pleased to invite you to a literary salon
on the remarkable status of women
in pre-Christian, pre-Roman Celtic culture in Europe 
Jacqueline Widmar Stewart
Stanford a author of Hidden Women

Monday October 14, 2018 - 7:30 pm

In our era when the voice of women is challenged across all continents, the Celtic world, where women led major roles in politics, trade, science, agriculture, culture, religion, art, and participated actively in the life of cities, bears great significance.

In her book Hidden Women, Jacqueline Widmar Stewart offers archaeological evidence, photos of sites and extracts of ancient texts (even though biased as written by victors) to help us gain insight into the lives of women in pre-Roman Celtic Europe - Burgundians, Franks, Galls, Basques,Veneti, Parisii...  

To impose a new order, the Roman empire destroyed Celtic culture, burnt scriptures, works of arts, towns and monuments, and more significantly, established segregation between sexes, weakened families, and subjugated women. From being equal partners of men, with the advent of Christianity, women came to be regarded as evil, temptresses, witches, usurpers of masculine power, creatures to be tamed and relegated to only certain functions.


History follows cycles and repeats itself. Women do not play a larger role in society today than they did under the Celts nor are they less at risk of losing rights and freedoms. These rights and freedoms are still considered 'privileges', even in Western countries. The success of the harsh and violent dystopian series "Handmaid's Tale", which depicts a government that tackles problems through a total control of women, reveals an underlying consciousness of this pattern.

Join us to delve into the mysteries of a hidden civilization and a pan-European culture that have much to teach us


The Hidden History of Women

Jacqueline Widmart Stewart received her Juris Doctorate from Stanford University. She is the author of The Glacier's Treasure Grove, Finding Slovenia: Old Europe's New Country; Parks & Gardens of Greater Paris, Champagne Regained. Hidden Women is her latest work.
This literary salon is an intimate gathering limited to 15 guests in a private residence. Priority Dues Paying IPEL Members
Champagne, refreshments, and canapes will be served. Address will be provided upon reservation.
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